New Kriging Options

In addition to Block and Punctual Kriging, GS+ now provides Simple Kriging (both stationary and non-stationary), Ordinary Kriging (with or without external drift), Universal Kriging (also called ordinary kriging with polynomial trend), and Indicator Kriging. Other interpolation techniques include Cokriging, Conditional Simulation, and Inverse and Normal Distance Weighting.

Jackknife & Cross-validation Analyses

Ensure that interpolation options provide the best fit possible with new Jackknife and Cross Validation analyses.

  • In Cross-validation analyses each measured point in the spatial domain is individually removed and its value estimated as though it were never there.
  • In Jackknife analyses interpolation estimates are compared against measured values for a set of locations different from those used as input data.
screenshot of a cross-validated kriging analysis

Subsampling during autocorrelation analysis

Autocorrelation analysis of huge data sets can take tens of hours even by advanced computing platforms. Often autocorrelation measures can be effectively calculated on only a subset of such datasets. GS+ now allows huge datasets to be randomly subsampled to substantially reduce computation times. The degree of subsampling is under user control.

screenshot showing the option to enable automatic subsampling of large data sets