3D Maps

Take full control of 3D map images

  • contour lines and bands
  • map ceilings and floors
  • specify wireframe density
  • rotate to any perspective
  • change height to base ratio
  • identify map values with mouseovers
3D map with contour plot and customized appearance

Estimation Error Maps

Map estimation variance to accompany your interpolated values – see where your interpolations are most and least certain.

  • available for both 2-d and 1-d data
  • estimation variance or estimation standard error
  • include or hide mapped sample locations
screenshot of the various map settings

Additional mapping features

Floor and ceiling bands

Project contours and bands above or below 3-d maps

Multiple background colors

Choose any background color to accentuate map details

Solid pedestals

Draw 3-d maps on solid pedestals to highlight contours

Grid lines

Place vertical and horizontal grid lines on the back walls of 3-d plots

Full control of map intervals

Choose automatic or manual map intervals with standard or customized color schemes