Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences

What's new in Version 10:

  • New Kriging options.GS+ now provides Simple Kriging (both stationary and non-stationary), Ordinary Kriging (with or without external drift), Universal Kriging (also called ordinary kriging with polynomial trend), and Indicator Kriging - in addition to other interpolation techniques that include Cokriging, Conditional Simulation, and Inverse and Normal Distance Weighting
  • Jackknife Analysis plus Cross-Validation Analysis to provide another way to test interpolation options and parameters
  • Subsampling during autocorrelation analysis allows huge data sets to be analyzed without taking days of cpu time
  • Improved graph options, faster interpolation
  • For Windows 7 (also can be run in Windows Vista and XP)


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What was new in Version 7:

  • A new interpolation method - Conditional simulation reports z-estimates, standard deviations of estimates, and the likelihood of exceeding some target z-value
  • 7 new autocorrelation measures in addition to variograms, madograms, Moran's I, and fractals: drift, rodograms, correlograms, covariograms, standardized variograms, and pairwise relative and general relative variograms -- all displayed in the same tabbed autocorrelation window
  • Easier variogram modeling that includes slider controls to immediately visualize parameter changes
  • h-Scattergram analysis in addition to cloud variance analysis to detect outliers
  • Improved variogram mapping - faster and more precise
  • Easy data masking from h-Scattergram and Variance Cloud windows: quickly remove outlier data points from analysis
  • Improved graph customizations - for example, separate fonts for axis values and titles