Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences


GS+ was introduced in 1988 as the first integrated geostatistics program for PCs and workstations. It quickly became the geostatistics program of choice for users worldwide. Widely praised, GS+ was the first geostatistics package to offer all components – from semivariance analysis through kriging and mapping – in an integrated package that provides the flexibility demanded by the specialist and the simplicity appreciated by the novice. GS+ runs on Windows 7 through 10.

Today GS+ remains the leading 2D geostatistical software for the earth and environmental sciences. It is used worldwide by industry, government agencies, and academic researchers. GS+ has been used in hundreds of scientific studies for spatial analysis.

Even those conversant in R, SAS, and other general use statistics packages prefer GS+ for its integrated user environment that provides immediate easy access to the tools needed to analyze spatial datasets both small and huge.

And those with access to GIS packages by ESRI and other GIS vendors prefer GS+ for its more comprehensive access to sophisticated analyses. And output that can be readily incorporated into GIS databases and maps.