Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences

Maintenance History for GS+ Version 7

Version 7.0.7 (released 28 May 2004)

  1. In contour intervals dialog, fixed endless loop when unformatted value is entered in lowest or highest contour interval text box.
  2. Autofit variogram model now chooses among all 4 models for lowest rss rather than just between spherical and exponential.
  3. Fixed problem with window focus shifting to different window after calculating autocorrelation.
  4. For variogram maps, changed minimum number of pairs needed to be present to 3 from 5; this results in fewer "missing cells" on anisotropic variogram map.
  5. Fixed file write error when exporting covariate data.
  6. Spreadsheet cursor now does not move when spreadsheet first gets focus with mouse click.
  7. A suggested file name is now provided when printing to a file.
  8. File extension for jpeg graph files now correctly noted as .jpg (rather than .jgp).
  9. In data summary window, when cursor passes over frequency graph the cursor now changes shape to denote that graph is clickable.
  10. In quantile posting plots, double click not single click now raises edit dialog; this allows zoom and scale to work properly.
  11. During conditional simulation Cancel now works consistently (before only Escape key consistently stopped calculation).
  12. When graphing conditional simulation probabilities, graph range now defaults to 0 to 1.0 rather than lowest value to highest value.
  13. In spreadsheets, tab now moves cursor to another cell (to right).
  14. In polygon map, fixed bug that caused first "Exclude" to be ignored when creating a polygon outline map (did not occur during interpolations, only on polygon outline map).
  15. When setting significant figures to report on xy graphs, added exponential notation as a default possibility; this avoids problem with too many significant figures on axes such that numbers run into one another on some graphs.
  16. Changed installation engines.
  17. Fixed problem with conditional simulation grids whereby with unevenly distributed x,y interpolation coordinates (non-square areas), the simulation tended to crash or produce oddly symmetrical results.
  18. Changed default wireframe weave on 3d maps to 3 (from 2).
  19. Changed default interpolation grid density to 188 points (from 122) to provide better-resolved surfaces.
  20. Changed behavior of printer dialog; printer dialog now automatically comes up when Print button is pressed and destination is printer; there is now no need to press the Print Setup button, which has been removed from the Graph Print and Text Print dialogs.
  21. Improved error catching on graphing engine to avoid program crashes when asymmetrical data is read from a damaged input file.
  22. Fixed bug in fractal graphs that sometimes set automatic y-origin at a non-zero value; now properly set at zero (can be changed by user in graph edit screen).
  23. User license information now persists through upgrade patches (user information must be re-entered for upgrades from build 5 and earlier).


Version 7.0.8 (released 15 June 2004)

  1. Added up-down button to wireframe weave boxes in the Map Window and the Graph Edit dialog, and made new default wireframeweave = 0 (automatic); also fixed bug that kept wireframe box sometimes unenabled in the Graph Edit dialog.
  2. Fixed a problem with simulations of nonsquare interpolation areas with polygon masks; polygon mask now properly includes or excludes the targeted area.


Version 7.0.9 (released 18 June 2004)

  1. Fixed problem with help file sometimes not being located properly.
  2. Now allow negative cross semivariograms, including models with negative sill and nugget values.


Version 7.0.10 (released 21 June 2004)

  1. Added variate name to graph titles

  2. Added to user preferences window the following new capacities:

    a) for semivariance analysis, i) default active lag distance as % of maximum distance possible (global default changed from 80% to 50%, but this can now be specified by the user ); ii) the default number of lag intervals (global default changed from 10 to 15, but this too can now be specified by the user);

    b) for simulations, i) default number of simulations (global default = 1000), ii) default random number seed change (global default = no), and the default use of multigrid simulation (global default = yes).


Version 7.0.11 (released 24 June 2004)

  1. improved precision of simulation routine by removing source of minor rounding error


Version 7.0.12 (released 22 July 2004)

  1. Z-variate names now appear in window titles depending on preference setting (default = on).
  2. Windows that list numeric autocorrelation results now have tabs for each anisotropic direction similar to tabs in expanded autocorrelation graphs. Also, more than one window can be displayed at once, i.e. a listing for variograms can appear at the same time as a listing for madograms or fractal analyses.
  3. Fixed bug that allowed general and pairwise relative variograms to be displayed when z-variate range includes negative values; these analyses cannot be performed under this circumstance (see help file for more information).
  4. Worksheet windows (those that display numeric results or ask for numeric input) are now user-sizeable.
  5. Fixed bug with graph titles in which titles did not always change when variate names or covariates changed. Now name and variate changes force graphs to re-initialize.


Version 7.0.14 (released 9 August 2004)

  1. Fixed bug with main worksheet columns becoming too narrow when decimal places changed and 64 columns showing.
  2. Fixed bug that sometimes kept y-axis ranges from being user-specified in graph edits.Fixed bug with graph titles in which titles did not always change when variate names or covariates changed. Now name and variate changes force graphs to re-initialize.


Version 7.0.15 (released 24 August 2004)

  1. Fixed bug that made edit and exit commands on some autocorrelogram windows dysfunctional.


Version 7.0.16 (released 27 October 2004)

  1. Fixed installation problem that kept users without Administrative privileges from running program. Now if a user without Administrative privileges installs the program it will be available to that user but to no other users on the computer; on the other hand, if an Administrator installs the program it will be available to all other users.


Version 7.0.17 (released 4 November 2004)

  1. Updated graphics library and engine. Also resolves issue on some installations with "Component One License error."


Version 7.0.18 (released 20 November 2004)

  1. Installation now includes pdf version of User's Guide.


Version 7.0.19 (released 28 November 2004)

  1. Geoeas input file format now allows space separated as well as comma separated values in input file (commas are required by strict interpretation of original Geoeas format).
  2. In input files (when importing data), linefeed characters by themselves are now recognized as valid record separators (normally a record separator must be a carriage return character or a line-feed + carriage return combination).


Version 7.0.20 (released 7 January 2005)

  1. Fixed problem on some spreadsheets (data listings) that kept rows 1 and 2 from being selectable (and thus copyable).
  2. Fixed printing issue that sometimes kept the chosen variogram listing from being printed (now whichever tab is chosen is consistently printed).

Version 7.0.21

  1. Internal release only


Version 7.0.22 (released 27 March 2005)

  1. Fixed problem with Contour Intervals dialogue specific to some (not all) earlier builds.


Version 7.0.24 (released 5 October 2005)

  1. Fixed problem with variogram list data export that under certain circumstances exported anisotropic data rather than isotropic.
    Removed internal variogram standardization from conditional simulation calculations.


Version 7.0.25 (released 20 October 2005)

  1. Fixed problem that kept some large version 5 parameter files from being completely read in version 7 (some files would truncate at 1000 records).


Version 7.0.26 (released 18 July 2006)

  1. Temporary files are now kept exclusively in user's Documents and Settings folder, removing the need for administrative privileges on installed computers.


Version 7.0.27 (released 18 March 2007)

  1. Fixed bug that sometimes led to misidentified head values as tail values in the variogram cloud and h-scatterplot analyses.


Version 7.0.28 (released 14 July 2007)

  1. Enabled Vista installation


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