The best 2D geostatistics software available

GS+ provides multiple interpolation options:

  • Ordinary Kriging
  • Simple and Indicator Kriging
  • Cokriging
  • Conditional Simulation
  • Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW).

Output is written to ASCII files that can be subsequently used by GS+ or by ArcView®, Surfer®, or other mapping/GIS programs that lack the geostatistical power of GS+.

Antarctica March 23, 2016:People, scientists, researchers are on the mountain of stone. Near the shore of the ocean and icebergs. Antarctic.


GS+ provides 3D, 2D, and 1D maps of interpolated spatial data. Display maps with different contouring schemes, rotate 3-dimensional maps on the fly, and zoom in to view more closely a transition or other map feature. Display estimation error as variance or standard deviation of interpolated means and display original data locations as sample postings.

Field surveyor takes measurements to use in geo mapping software

Semivariance Analysis (Variograms and Semivariograms)

GS+ provides semivariance analyses as both isotropic and anisotropic variograms (also called semivariograms). Take complete control over separation intervals to create optimal variograms – it’s your choice, choose constant interval classes or define different breakpoints for every lag class. Anisotropic directions can be individually targeted, and variograms can be scaled to sample variance.

Students study variograms and semivariograms, using gs software

Even more GS+ features

Quick Geostatistical Analysis

Whether you are analyzing oil deposits, plankton distributions, sun spot patterns, infectious disease outbreaks, or soil resources, GS+ allows you ready access to the power of geostatistics

Variograms On The Fly

Allow GS+ to create initial variograms using default models. Then, tune your results with tools like outlier masking and charts with live updating interpolation error

20 Different Autocorrelation Measures

GS+ provides standardized, general relative, and pairwise relative variograms; madorams; rodograms; drift; correlograms; covariance; Moran's I, and fractal dimensions - all evaluated in both isotropic and any anisotropic directions

Diverse Input Options

Enter data using Excel spreadsheets, database files, or cut and paste from your favorite source. The GS+ data worksheet accepts over a billion records

Portable Interpolation Results

GS+ interpolation files can be read by many other types of mapping programs. Use GS+ for its geostatistics power and then use its interpolation files with GS+or with any mapping program that supports ArcInfo® or Surfer® input formats

Built-in Cross-Validation Analysis

Immediately test the accuracy of interpolations by graphing estimated versus actual values for each actual sample location. Then, if needed, adjust the interpolation system to achieve a better fit.

Customizable Graphs

Present your data with style using GS+ graph editing tools, then copy them to the clipboard or save them for sharing later

Pricing and licensing options

We offer several license options to accommodate both individuals and groups. All options include a 180-page user manual, free maintenance updates, and technical support via email. Visit our pricing page to find the package that’s right for you.

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